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Letting Go of Your Expectations

Letting Go of Your Expectations

It is quite easy to fall victim to the expectations we have for our life. At a young age, we have outside influences laying the foundation for how our lives should be, telling us that it would be in our best interest to go to college, to then find the love of our life, followed by marriage, buying a house, and then filling that house with little ones. And it doesn’t stop there! Each day we are inundated with messages telling us how we are expected to act as a boy or a girl, what type of parent we should be, or even telling us how we should approach aging. These expectations then become ingrained into every fiber of our being, making us believe that until we meet them we are not complete, we are not whole.

Monday Mantra | Let Go

Happy Monday! I hope your day and week is off to a great start! Today's Monday Mantra is Let go.

These two words are often spoken during the practice of yoga, and you may have even experienced the transformative process of letting go while on your mat. Maybe your experience was a result of forcing or pushing your body into a pose during your practice. But then when you consciously decided, either through a prompt of a teacher or through your own intuition, to let go of the strain and energy required to conform your body to the shape you wanted, your body effortlessly moved into that pose. 

However, this transformative process or mindset doesn't have to be reserved for the time spent on your mat. It can be applied to every facet of your life. There will be many times in this lifetime that you will work really hard and try with every fiber of your being to make something happen, yet it just doesn't seem to go your way. In these times, you can only push yourself so much and then at some point, you have to let go, believing that what is meant to be will be. That doesn't mean that you don't work hard to accomplish what you want, but when you reach that point where there is nothing else that can be done, you let go and believe something bigger than yourself will show you the way.

Is there something in your life that you have been holding onto that you need to let go of and instead trust fate to show you the way?

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