Monday Mantra | Less Hustle, More Rest

Monday Mantra 1-10-19

I am a very driven, goal-oriented person. Being productive and crossing things off of a to-do list fuels me and at the start of the new year, I look forward to setting some big, sometimes scary, goals and intentions for myself.

Having a baby at the start of the new year however, is requiring me to change my focus. My primary priority is my baby boy, my relationship with my partner, and our transition to a family of 3. I’m realizing that I need to invite more rest and less hustle into my life- a mindset that I’ve struggled with throughout most of my life.

But this season with our boy is fleeting and I don’t want to be so depleted that I can’t show up for him or our family any less than my best. Being his mama is the most important thing to me. So, that means I have to set aside my to-do list, my big lofty goals will take me longer to reach, and rest must be embraced as I let go of the hustle. It won't be easy and it will be a practice I come back to again and again along my journey in motherhood, but it's a necessity in this season of life that I have dreamt about for years.

Tell me, how are you incorporating more rest and a little less hustle into your new year?

Share with me in the comments below. Let's work together to stop glorifying productivity and busyness and embrace a little more rest in our days.


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