Wonderful Weekend


Oh Friday, am I happy to see you! Anyone else feeling the same following this week? While my weekend will be a busy one, it will also be full of so many fun things!

This weekend, I am looking forward to…

  • A quick trip up to Wiscasset to visit a friend and her family. One of my girlfriends that I’ve been friends with since middle school is visiting from California, and I can’t wait to see her! It’s been a couple of years since we last saw one another so I am so excited to catch up!
  • Taking an afternoon nap. Following the past week of school, I feel like I could sleep for a full day, if not more, but an afternoon nap will be just as nice. There is really nothing better than a late afternoon snooze in my book.
  • Teaching Be Well Portland’s Bend & ‘Booch event at Urban Farm Fermentory. I taught a Bend & ‘Booch event last January and it was so much fun! I can’t wait for this weekend’s event! Have you gotten your ticket yet? Tickets are still available, so get yours today! I’d love to see you.
  • Seeing American Assassin. T has been dying to see this film ever since he read the book a while back, and after seeing the trailer, I have to admit I’m pretty excited to see it myself. What movies are you seeing this weekend?
  • Making my first visit to HiFi Donuts. I hadn’t even heard a new donut place had opened in Portland until a few weeks ago. I am really looking forward to checking it out and trying their donuts. Obviously, I’ll be comparing them to The Holy Donut and Urban Sugar to see which is my absolute favorite. Have you been to HiFi Donuts? What did you think? Did you love them?

I hope your weekend is filled with fun and is absolutely wonderful!


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Join in by sharing in the comments below or post to Twitter or Instagram using #wonderfulweekend. I love hearing what you’re up to!

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