Monday Mantra | You Have The Ability To Re-write Your Story

Happy Monday, friends! Today's Monday Mantra is, You have the ability to re-write your story.

I've recently been very intrigued by the patterns that show up repeatedly in my life, either professionally or personally. Over the last few months I've been striving to give them space to simply be, rather than approaching them reactively, which often occurs when a situation or experience elicits strong, raw emotion. 

Through a bit of curiosity and kindness, I'm finding you're able to see your patterns from a different perspective, allowing yourself the opportunity to explore the role you play in any given situation or experience. This process has reminded me that you have the ability to re-write your story. You don't have to continue playing the role you always have, but instead can break the patterns that are no longer serving you and step into the person you are truly meant to be. You have that ability. You have that power. 

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