Wonderful Weekend

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here, my friends and it’s shaping up to be a wonderful one. T, the pup, and I are heading out for a quick trip away and I couldn’t be more excited about it. We don’t leave until Sunday afternoon, so that means there is plenty of time for eating, yoga-ing, adventuring, and getting my fitness on right here in the Portland area before we go. I’m sharing more about our time away as well as other plans for the weekend ahead below!

This weekend, I am looking forward to…

  • Weekend brunch at Miss Portland Diner. Brunch on the weekends is one of my favorite things and the breakfast burrito at Miss Portland Diner is fabulous. I literally dream about it, it’s that good!
  • Browsing the Portland Public Library for a new fiction read. I honestly love going to the library and getting lost in the stacks of books. I’ve recently been reading a lot of non-fiction and would definitely like something a bit lighter for our trip. Any recommendations?
  • Hitting up Urban Sugar at the Eastern Promenade. It looks like Urban Sugar will be at the Eastern Prom on Saturday and Sunday (weather dependent of course), and it’s been forever since T and I have had their delicious mini-donuts. Hopefully the weather holds up so we can enjoy these bits of deliciousness while overlooking Casco Bay.
  • Staying at one of our favorite Airbnb’s north of Augusta. T, the pup, and I will be packing up supplies for a few days to disconnect and stay in a charming little cottage on an island near Saint Albans. We stayed at this wonderful spot last summer and before we had even left we were planning a return trip. The host is beyond lovely and we couldn’t have had a more perfect stay. We will swim (hoping Brady will change his mind about swimming- he currently isn’t a fan!), jump on the water trampoline, read on the dock, take naps, kayak, and adventure. We bring up all the food we need for the time we are away and then we don’t leave until it’s time to return home. It truly is the best!
  • Visiting Wicked Joe Coffee in Topsham. I first learned about Wicked Joe Coffee through Instagram (if you don’t follow them, you definitely should- their photos are awesome!), and it looks like we will be passing right by location on our drive up. I can’t wait to check out their spot and try their coffee!

I hope you too are excited for the weekend ahead and that it includes some adventure and fun!


What fun plans do you have for the upcoming weekend?

Join in by sharing in the comments below or post to Twitter or Instagram using #wonderfulweekend. I love hearing from you!

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