July 2017 | Yoga & Workout Playlist


Happy Thursday, lovelies! So, finding a full hours worth of songs that I absolutely love without repeating any from past Yoga & Workout Playlists was quite the feat this month! I spent hours searching through Spotify, but I finally made it happen. And boy, am I so in love with this month's playlist! 

Whether you bring this playlist into the yoga or fitness classes you teach, use it in your self-practice or workout, or use it to jam out the next time you're floating down the river in your inflatable unicorn float (Don't we all want one of these?!), I hope you enjoy it!

What songs are you loving this month?

Join in by sharing your favorites in the comments below. You can also share on Instagram or Twitter using #vcyogaplaylist. I love to hear what you're currently listening to!

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