Wonderful Weekend

Oh Friday, am I happy to see you! I am beyond ready for a weekend full of eats, sunshine, exploring, and maybe a nap or two. I’m sharing more details below, as I create a weekend that is truly wonderful.

This weekend, I am looking forward to…

  • Seeing Megan Leavey at Flagship Premium Cinema in Falmouth. So no joke, the first time I saw the preview to this movie that was approximately a minute long, I was fighting back tears. It just broke my heart that she wasn’t able to have her dog! What can I say, I’m a sucker for anything animal related.
  • Taking the kayaks out to explore and maybe find a sweet new spot. Dick’s Sporting Goods recently had an amazing sale on kayaks, so I finally picked one up. Now T and I no longer have to take turns when we go out! The weather looks perfect for some time on the water and I can’t wait to explore. Who knows, we may even take the pup along!
  • Reading outside in the sunshine. I’m currently reading The Psoas Book by Liz Koch and I find it extremely fascinating (Can you say anatomy nerd?). It’s provided a ton of inspiration for my recent yoga classes and there isn’t much better than feeling the grass under your bare feet, while being fully immersed in a book you enjoy.
  • Seeing Wonder Woman in IMAX followed by a trip to Martel’s Ice Cream. Yep, T and I are going to be a bit savage this weekend and see 2 movies! I honestly love all comic book movies, whether DC or Marvel (Has my cool factor gone down any from this post?), and I love that this movie not only stars a strong female but is also directed by a female. And ice cream from Martel’s is just always a good idea!
  • An early morning visit to Tandem Coffee & Bakery. Now that I teach yoga on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, I have to wake up a bit earlier to visit my favorite coffee shops. However, Tandem’s cappuccinos paired with a loaded biscuit is always worth an earlier wake up time!
  • Picking up some flowers for our little yard from Broadway Gardens. In all honesty, I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to sprucing up our yard this spring. But with a couple of sunny days ahead, I’m looking forward to perusing rows of blooms and making our yard a pretty little haven.

I hope you have such a wonderful weekend and that it includes rest, fun, a few sweet treats, and a bit of exploring!


What’s on your agenda this weekend?

Join in by sharing in the comments below or post to Twitter or Instagram using #wonderfulweekend. I love hearing from you!

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