Monday Mantra | Simply Notice What’s Happening in Front of You

Happy Monday! Today’s Monday Mantra is, Simply notice what’s happening in front of you.

I wear many different hats in my life, as many of you can relate, I’m sure. In juggling these various roles, I often must transition rather abruptly from one to the next during any given day. To help ease these transitions, while allowing myself to feel more organized and prepared, I often take time on Monday morning to outline what the week will look like, while providing enough flexibility to still give a bit of space for life to occur.

In going through this process this morning, I observed myself becoming extremely overwhelmed and already exhausted from a week that hadn’t even happened yet! It was in that moment I realized what I needed most, which was to simply notice what’s happening in front of me.

While planning can be helpful, giving your full presence to the moment you’re in as it arises will always be best.

How can you choose to simply notice what’s happening in front of you this week? 

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