Monday Mantra | Let Yourself Be Afraid and Do It Anyway

Happy Monday! I hope the start of your week is an absolutely lovely one! Today’s Monday Mantra is, Let yourself be afraid and do it anyway. 

Living fearlessly has never been a personal goal of mine, and I don’t think I’ve actually ever met another person that is truly fearless. Instead, I choose to be afraid, feeling the fear- the big, the little, the embarrassing, and the truly scary- and rather than being paralyzed by it, I go forward anyway. Fear is a necessary part of our life and by learning to coexist with it- leaning into it rather than running away from it- you have the ability to tap into your full potential. Most of your fear is much deeper than it initially appears, and as you sit with it and are open to explore it, you can slowly peel away the layers, allowing you to move forward even in spite of the fear that resides. Rather than holding back because of the fear you feel, do it anyway- you’ll likely be amazed by the opportunities that transpire. 

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