Monday Mantra | What You Do Matters


Happiest of happy Mondays! I hope the start to your week is an absolutely wonderful one. Today’s Monday Mantra is, What you do matters.

When it comes to posting to social media, I often feel as though I’m shouting into the void. There are even times that I question why I choose to put myself out there, after spending a lot of time and energy crafting my words and images to create a post I’m proud of and that feels true to me, only to be discouraged by how few people see it or engage with it. But then one sweet person- a friend, a coworker, a yoga student, and sometimes a complete stranger- will tell me they appreciated my post and the thoughtfulness I put into all that I share. It is in those moments that I am reminded that what I put out there matters. It may not be in a way that garnishes a community of thousands of followers or likes, but if what I share resonates with even just one other person that is more than enough. The world of social media can feel quite lonely at times and may even leave you feeling inadequate, but if what you are sharing feels true and authentic to you, I promise your posts have touched another person’s life in some way, even if they never get the chance to tell you.

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