Monday Mantra | Root Yourself in Love

Happy snowy Monday! I hope the start of your week is an absolutely wonderful one, and if you live here in the northeast, I hope your Monday includes a bit of rest after all the shoveling you’ll be doing following last night’s storm. Today’s Monday Mantra is, Root yourself in love.

Far too often, we allow our minds to make the final decision on what is best for us. By choosing to live within our own head we have the ability to neatly arrange things- organizing them just so in a manner that seems logical and makes sense to the rest of the world. Whereas, living from the heart doesn’t provide this same comfort and ease. The decisions and choices made from the heart are messy and complicated and rarely follow suit with what is expected of us. But when you root yourself in love you have the ability to intuitively connect to what is right for you, and are able to let go of the things other people think you should do in your life. It is from this place of love that you embrace all that you are and you are able to open your heart to everyone around you, sharing all of the best pieces of yourself with the rest of the world. It may not always make sense, but rooting yourself in love will open up your life to endless possibilities.

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