Monday Mantra | Think Big

Happy Monday! It is already the 2nd Monday of 2017, which means today, you got this! Today’s Monday Mantra is, Think big.

Within Elizabeth Gilbert’s extremely thought provoking and inspiring book on creativity, Big Magic, she writes, “We simply do not have time anymore to think so small.” I have spent many years of my life doing just that- confining myself to small thinking and playing it safe out of fear or for my own comfort. But the truth is, each one of us has a limited amount of time on this Earth. For some that time may be long lasting, but for others it could easily be cut short, and none of us will truly ever know the number of days we will be granted. Therefore, you must use the time you are given to think big- believing that with a bit of hard work and a lot of heart, you are capable of doing anything you want. When you think small, it may make life easier and less scary, but you will always be left asking yourself, “What if…?” You will never truly know what your full potential could be, because you didn’t dare to think big. So, use this time as the gift that it is, and think big- dreaming up endless possibilities, because you are truly capable of making anything happen as long as you believe enough to think big. 

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