Monday Mantra | Allow Yourself to Feel What You Are Feeling

Happy Monday! Today’s Monday Mantra is, Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.

Last week, I taught my middle school students the various aspects of health, emphasizing how good health is more than just exercising and eating nutritious foods. I also spoke to how creating balance between each part of their health allows them to achieve a state of wellness.

When discussing how one might take care of their mental/emotional health and asking them how they express their emotions in a healthy manner, I was surprised to hear my students say they push their feelings away, working to avoid them altogether. This saddened me to hear my students respond this way, and I felt a sense of disappointment realizing that our culture is creating a generation that is afraid to feel what they are feeling. Expressing our emotions is not something to be feared but instead should be embraced. By allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling, you gain greater insight into who you are and the person you want to be. It also allows you to learn from your past experiences, further enabling you to grow into a better version of yourself.

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