Monday Mantra | Remember, No Matter What Happens, You'll Get There Eventually

Happy Monday! It’s another beautiful summer day, making me think it will be a beautiful week! Today’s Monday Mantra is, Remember, no matter what happens, you will get there eventually.

Occasionally, we become so focused on arriving to the place we are trying to get that we forget to enjoy the journey that helps us get there. We forget about the process, and instead set our sights only on the end result. When detours arrive along the way, rather than embracing them as part of the journey, we allow annoyances to arise and we grow intolerant to our current experience. However, every moment and experience is in fact an aide to help us along our way, allowing us to grow as we continue moving forward. You may not get to the places you want to be in your life as quickly as you would like, but remember, no matter what happens, you will get there eventually. Everything that happens is simply part of the journey.

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