Monday Mantra | View Each Attempt As Merely Practice

I hope your last few days of August are great ones! Today’s Monday Mantra is, View each attempt as merely practice.

Within a yoga practice, I frequently remind my students that each pose or posture is merely practice. That is in fact why it is referred to as a practice. If you happen to come out of a pose or posture, you always have the ability to try again- whether in the same practice, the next day, or the day after that.

You can apply this same approach to other aspects of your life. Every experience you have can be seen as merely practice, allowing you to meet the next experience with greater understanding and awareness. When you fall down, simply brush yourself off, get back up, and remind yourself that it was great practice for whatever may come next. Life doesn’t require perfection. It requires a commitment to trying again when your first attempt doesn’t work out.

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