Monday Mantra | I Choose to Let My Heart Guide the Way

Happy Monday! I hope you are staying cool in this heat! Today’s Monday Mantra is, I choose to let me heart guide the way.

I recently have been closing the yoga classes I teach with this simple mantra, encouraging my students to spend more time trusting their heart to guide them, rather than being clouded by all the thoughts in the mind. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, Big Magic, she asks the question “What do you love so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant?” By asking yourself this question, you tap into the quiet whisper of your own heart, eliminating the distractions your thoughts often provide. That’s not to say those thoughts won’t come along for the ride- fear will likely ride shotgun right beside you- but it will open you to a path in which your heart is leading the way. 

As you move into the rest of your week, I encourage you to ask yourself that question posed by Ms. Gilbert and begin to let your heart take the driver’s seat.