A Place of Your Own

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

W.B. Yeats

Recently, T found a place that has quickly become his favorite spot to take out his kayak.  After the first time he found it, he came home with the enthusiasm of a small child excited to share his exploration with me. This weekend I had the ability to head out to this new found land along with him, and as soon as we arrived, his boisterous enthusiasm quickly returned. As I explored the location on my own, he continually asked me whether or not I liked it, and it was clear that he wanted me to love it just as much as he did. I will say this place was absolutely beautiful, with its shaded area of trees overlooking the rocky banks of the river swiftly running into the expansive ocean. It was easy to see why T loved it as much as he did.

We spent a few hours in this new favorite location of his and on our drive back, T mentioned to me that each person should have a place of their own, a special place that is theirs. His comment made me realize that growing up I too had a place that I once called mine, a place that I always thought of as being special.

I happened to come across it one day while I was riding my bike down one of the large hills close to the house I grew up in. I had to have only been 9 or 10 at the time. On this particular bike ride, I happened to spot what looked like a tiny pond near the base of the overgrown hillside next to the road I was riding on. My curiosity got the best of me, as it often does, and I stopped my bike, laid it down to the ground, and quickly made my way to the body of water. Once I arrived, what looked like a small pond was actually a creek that ran underneath the road where I had just been riding my bike. The water was completely clear, allowing me to see every rock at the bottom, and the sound of the rippling water eliminated all noise from the road above. The hillside was filled with wild flowers that had the freedom to grow as they pleased and bees and butterflies flitted around from one flower to the next. This place felt magical, as though it was taken directly from the pages of a fairy tale and I quickly decided this place would be my own, a place just for me. From that day forward, I returned to this place countless times. In middle school, it was my place to do homework or read, to write in my journal, or to think through conflicts with friends. While in high school, it was my place to think about the person I wanted to be, to dream about my future, and on occasion cry from a broken heart. This place was a sanctuary that allowed me to think things through, to reflect on the person I wanted to be, and to become the person I am.

The recent experience with T has made me realize that you don’t have to be a child to have a place such as this. In fact, we all deserve a place that is ours, a place that feels special and allows us to be free from the world’s expectations. You simply have to give yourself the opportunity to explore, to find the place that fills you with wonderment and call it your own.