Monday Mantra | Trust that Your Life is Unfolding Exactly As it is Intended to

Happy Monday! I hope your day thus far has been lovely. Today’s Monday Mantra is, Trust that your life is unfolding exactly as it is intended to.  

Occasionally we fall victim to the frustrating notion that our life should be more in some way, that our experiences aren’t as grand and exciting as we think they should be. However, your life and the experiences that make up this life are exactly as they should be. It is when you lose trust in how your life is unfolding that the poison of unhappiness slowly seeps in, making you feel as though this life of yours is no longer adequate. Now that is not to say that when something is no longer serving you, you shouldn’t take action to create change, but sometimes giving yourself the ability to trust in the process is the best course of action. Your life is just as it should be and trusting that it is unfolding in the manner it is intended to is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Can you trust that your life is unfolding exactly as it is intended to?

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