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As I mentioned last month, my read for May was Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark’s, The Longevity Book. The Longevity Book is Diaz’s follow-up to her #1 New York Times bestseller, The Body Book, which also was written in collaboration with Bark. The idea for The Longevity Book came to Diaz prior to her 40th birthday, when journalists all seemed to be wondering whether she was fearful of turning forty. It was at that time that Diaz realized just how afraid we are to get older and sparked her desire to learn more about the aging process.

The Longevity Book offers the latest scientific research from top medical experts on how and why we age. It explores the history of women’s health, while looking at how health needs for women differ from their male counterparts. Diaz and Bark also tap into medical experts to clearly describe the biology of aging, all the way down to the cellular level, and share how the female body changes over time. The Longevity Book offers pragmatic and holistic advice backed by science, focusing on how we can age better in order to live each one of our days fully. Diaz infuses her own personal stories throughout the book and redefines how we as a culture approach aging, encouraging us all to view age as a marker of achievement that should be celebrated.

“…contrary to the messages that women receive every day, life isn’t only for the young. Enjoying life isn’t about being young. Beauty doesn’t depend on looking young. Joy and companionship and connection and all the best parts of life don’t only happen when you’re young,” Diaz and Bark wrote. This is just one of the many ways these two women encourage each of us to embrace growing older, as the richness of life isn’t reserved for the young. 

I really appreciated the practical approach to health, wellness, and the mind-body connection presented in The Body Book, so I was very excited to get my hands on Diaz and Bark’s most recent collaboration. As soon as I began reading The Longevity Book, I loved that it celebrated aging rather than taking an anti-aging stance, as many books and beauty products sold to women frequently do. Following this read, I am genuinely impressed by the amount of research and time spent interviewing medical experts on aging that went into the writing of this book. Diaz and Bark did a fantastic job putting the science into layman terms, while interweaving Diaz’s personal stories to further help educate the reader on the changes that are occurring within our bodies as we age.     

I will admit that there were times in reading this book that I would fret over the state of my telomeres (if you’ve read the book, you know what I am talking about!) and sometimes would think to myself, “Ignorance is bliss,” after reading about the many disorders and ailments we’re at greater risk of as we get older.  But then I would think about my grandmothers and how beautiful and rich each of their lives have been. These two women have been some of my biggest role models, and I would consider myself lucky to live a life as vibrant and grand as theirs. Having the opportunity to age is truly a gift and should be treated as such.

I was thankful to see just as practical of an approach as was offered in The Body Book to how we can age better. Diaz and Bark offer the trifecta of strength, which includes nutrition, movement, and sleep as the most important tools to protect ourselves as we age. But they also go a step further by discussing the management of stress, the importance of continually learning as we age, and the need for joyous connections with others throughout our lifetimes, all of which are backed by scientific research.

If you loved The Body Book and are ready to redefine how you think of aging, The Longevity Book is a must read for you! It will give you a more in-depth understanding of changes you are likely already experiencing as well as a preview of what’s to come. But most importantly, it will help you to realize how truly lucky you are to have the opportunity to live a long, vibrant life.

Have you read The Longevity Book? What were your thoughts?

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For my next read, I have chosen Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater, Ph.D., P.T.

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