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After multiple recommendations from my dear friend and very talented art teacher (who just so happened to design my beautiful logo) to visit Burlington, Vermont, T and I finally made our way there. We were able to make our trek from Portland to Vermont while I was on April vacation from school and stayed for only a few days. However, within those few days, we absolutely fell in love with this city and are already discussing our return! Here are the places we drank delicious coffee (well coffee for him, hot tea or steamed almond milk for me since I am currently off caffeine), ate delicious food, and where I practiced yoga. You can also find where we stayed, which we both highly recommend!   


Scout & Co.:

Scout & Co. has three different locations in the Burlington area. We happened to find ourselves at the Scout Victory Circle location in Winooski, after a quick walk around the area we were staying. As soon as I walked into this place, I immediately fell in love with it. They have a chalkboard sign displaying their coffee and espresso drinks, as well as their ice cream selection, which they make at their Scout One location on North Avenue in Burlington. The interior is decorated with rustic wood and pops of blue colors, while a variety of globes and old books are featured around the space. In addition to their ice cream treats, they offer a variety of pastries and baked goods from Williston Coffee Shop and a supply of donuts on the weekends from Miss Weinerz. This place was my first introduction to steamed maple milk, which was absolutely delectable and T was quite happy with his $1 refills of brewed coffee. This ended up being quite dangerous because he was extremely caffeinated the day we visited Scout & Co.

Muddy Waters:

We stopped into Muddy Waters on our last afternoon in Vermont. It was quite busy with college students posted up studying, and groups of people grabbing fruit smoothies to go. The interior is quite unique as it is comprised entirely of wood and brick and as soon as you walk in you feel as though you have just walked into a tree house. I have been told that the vibe is quintessential Vermont, however I can’t say that I can speak to that since this was only my second time in Vermont and I really only know one person from the area.  They have a wide selection of coffee and espresso drinks, made from fair trade and organic coffee beans, as well as a whole shelf of different loose leaf teas. Many of the people before us in line were ordering smoothies, which was quite understandable because they have quite a few enticing options listed on their menu. We didn’t stay too long, since it was quite busy when we stopped in and Lake Champlain was calling our name, but it is definitely worth checking out, even just to feel as though you have taken a walk into the woods.  


Magnolia Bistro:

This happened to be one of our first stops in Burlington. It was highly recommended by my friend who encouraged us to make the trip to Burlington. We were fortunate enough to get a table right away, since we had been told that we should expect a wait because they tend to be pretty busy. After being seated and taking a bit of time to observe the atmosphere, T and I immediately started pointing things out to each other that we loved within the space. Magnolia’s has a ton of fresh plants surrounding the tables, pieces of artwork featuring natural landscapes and greenery adorning the walls, and the place has an eclectic, rustic vibe. They offer a wide range of local and organic food items that fit every lifestyle choice, whether vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or meat-loving. At first I was worried T wouldn’t really find anything that would suite him, since he isn’t as into local, organic foods as I am, however Magnolia’s sausage biscuits and gravy won him over! He still brings up how delicious it was when we reminisce about our trip.   

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill:

After I reviewed the menu, I knew immediately it would be a place I wanted to try out, but T took a bit of convincing. Fortunately, the LaPlatte River Angus Farm Beef burger and their wide selection of local craft beer, helped me sell it to him. It was quite busy when we arrived at Farmhouse, however they have a large bar downstairs with quite a few tables to relax, while enjoying a craft brew until your dining table is ready. Once we were seated I was super impressed with the signage indicating the various farms (most right in Vermont), where the majority of the food served at Farmhouse comes from. The Farmhouse Veggie burger I had was absolutely scrumptious and I loved that they offer sautéed kale in lieu of a bun. I honestly don’t think I have had kale that tasted so good in my life, and I eat a lot of kale! Both of our bellies were quite delighted following the delicious meals we had at Farmhouse.  


Yoga Vermont:

In searching for yoga studios in Burlington prior to our trip, I came across really great reviews for Yoga Vermont. After browsing their website, it was immediately clear that they are primarily an Ashtanga yoga studio, as most of their classes instruct variations of this particular lineage. I don’t have the most expansive knowledge of this style of yoga, so I felt more comfortable dropping into a Vinyasa-style class. I was the first person to arrive at the studio and although the door was unlocked, I didn’t want to walk in without the teacher present so I quietly waited outside. Once the teacher, Kathy (who happens to also be the owner of Yoga Vermont), arrived, she warmly greeted me, asking me if the door was locked and when I stated it wasn’t, she kindly mentioned that all are welcome in the space and can feel comfortable going in whenever they would like. After getting set up for class, I started taking in the studio space and was taken aback by how beautiful it was. The walls are comprised of exposed brick and the wood floors are absolutely stunning. The studio has three windows that overlook the surrounding area of Burlington and we set up our mats to face these windows, allowing us to take in the environment outside the studio. Before we started practice, I was expecting the teacher to instruct offering assistance and support, as is my experience with most Vinyasa classes, however instead my experience at Yoga Vermont was one in which the teacher practiced along with us. Now that I look at their website more closely it does clearly state this is to be expected, however at the time I was not anticipating this style of instruction. However, Kathy was very helpful in providing different options and it was very apparent that Yoga Vermont operates as a small community for those that practice at this studio, making sure people feel comfortable as soon as they walk in. If you are a fan of Asthanga yoga, this is definitely the studio for you!    

Laughing River Yoga:

This yoga studio came highly recommended from my friend that I have mentioned previously and it happened to be less than a quarter mile from where we were staying. After leaving Scout & Co., I made the short walk to Laughing River Yoga. When I first walked into the building, I wasn’t quite sure where to go, since the studio shares The Chance Mill building with other businesses, but after seeing a few directional signs, I easily made my way there. I took a morning Gentle class, which was very much needed following the active practice at Yoga Vermont. The woman who signed me in was lovely, asking me where I was visiting from and clearly communicated what to expect from the class. While checking in, an older woman, who was also taking the class, mentioned to me that I was going to absolutely love it! When I walked into the studio space, my attention was immediately drawn to the large windows that overlook the Winooski River. Similar to Yoga Vermont, all other class participants faced their mats towards the windows, allowing us to observe the peaceful movement of the river during our practice. Candace was the teacher of the class I took and her voice was absolutely tantalizing (it reminded me of Kaa, the snake in the Jungle Book). She incorporated aromatherapy into the class by providing us drops of different essential oils at the beginning of practice and in savasana (final relaxation). The sequence Candace instructed us through was so soothing, not only for my body but also my mind. That with the combination of the flowing river, made this class pure bliss!


Over the past year, T and I have primarily used Airbnb for all of our lodging accommodations. We have absolutely loved the ability to stay in places that allow us to feel as though we are actually living in the city or town, rather than being crammed in a small hotel room. We also have had some amazing experiences with the hosts of each place we have stayed and Burlington was no exception.

We stayed in Winooski, which is only a couple miles from Burlington, in a 1-bedroom apartment. The host, Vanessa, was extremely responsive and made everything super easy for the two of us during our stay. Her apartment is immaculate and absolutely stunning! Everything about it is exactly what I would want to have someday. The kitchen is beautiful and modern and her décor is clean and simple, but the place also has an artistic, stylish vibe. The bathroom has the most beautiful gallery wall with tons of gorgeous photographs and art. Both the living room and bedroom have giant windows, allowing natural light to illuminate the entire space. I absolutely loved this apartment and I couldn’t recommend Vanessa enough!

What are some of your favorite places in Burlington?

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