Monday Mantra | Choose to be content

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a great start to your day and week! Today's Monday Mantra is Choose to be content.

Often, we choose to focus on the things that we don't yet have, rather than focusing on all of the good things that are currently in our lives. We are primed to feel that until we have these things, whether it is a specific job title or college degree, or maybe even a house or marriage, that we can't truly be happy.  But we forget that where we are, now, is exactly where we are supposed to be. By reminding ourselves of this, we can choose to be content, with exactly where we are. Choosing to be content allows you to find happiness and realize that you have so many wonderful things in your life, right now.

Rather than focusing on whatever specific thing you think you need to be happy, can you instead choose to be content with where you are, right now? 

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