April 2016 | Yoga Playlist

Happy April, lovelies!

When it comes to the practice of yoga, whether taking a class or your own self-practice,  the element of music is very much a personal preference. Some prefer practice without any music at all. Others enjoy a practice that incorporates music without any lyrics. And then others enjoy rocking out on their mats with all kinds of music!

I belong to the latter group! I love adding the element of music into my self-practice as well as my classes. Making fun yoga playlists is such an enjoyable, creative process for me. So much so I thought it would be fun to share them monthly with you all!  

Whether you bring this playlist into the yoga classes you teach, use it in your self-practice, or use it to jam out while making dinner (my best dance moves are often displayed in the kitchen!), I hope you enjoy!

What are your favorite songs to practice yoga to?

Join in by sharing your favorites in the comments below. You can also share on Instagram or Twitter using #vcyogaplaylist.