Fall Bucket List


Recently I’ve been feeling as though the best of fall is already behind us here in New England, which has made me so sad because I absolutely love everything about this season. But yesterday, as I was looking at my calendar, I realized that there is still a month and a half left of this glorious season before we have officially entered into winter. In order to make the very most out of the time we have left, I am sharing my fall bucket list. I started this list in September so I have crossed off a few items at this point, but I’m realizing there are still so many things I have yet to do! I hope you will join in on the fun and make the most of what is left of your fall season as well!

1. Apple picking

Apple picking has been a fall tradition for me since moving to New England. I absolutely love having an abundance of apples to be eaten as snacks, made into applesauce, or delicious apple crisp. Last year, I went picking at Snell Family Farm in Buxton, and this year T and I went to Randall Orchards in Standish.

2. Pick out a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch

I have never been to a pumpkin patch, which is silly because there are quite a few right here in Maine. This year, I went to Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport. Wolfe’s Neck Farm is such a cute, family friendly place and I will definitely be back next year!

3. New England getaway

T and I headed back to the area of Stowe, Vermont for his birthday this year at the beginning of October and it was just as beautiful as it was the year before. We currently are looking to get away to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for the long weekend after Thanksgiving for a bit of rest and relaxation.

4. Take a fall foliage drive

The fall foliage is past its peak at this point, but the few leaves remaining on the trees and those scattered on the ground are still so beautiful! I love taking slow, back road drives this time of year.

5. Make your own pumpkin spice latte

I am about as basic as it gets when pumpkin spice lattes are out in full force. There are a few local spots that use real pumpkin when making their pumpkin spice lattes, which has inspired me to tackle making my own at home and saving myself the $6.

6. Watch a sunrise

Now that the sun is rising a bit later in the morning, I love taking in a sunrise. The fall colors and cooler mornings make it even more beautiful. 

7. Sip hot apple cider

Hot apple cider is absolutely delicious and sipping a cup while cozying up with a blanket on the couch is one of my favorite things.

8. Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s markets currently have an abundance of beautiful, hearty produce this time of year, everything from apples, to squash, to potatoes.

9. Go hiking

This is the best time of year for hiking in New England. The fall foliage covering the trails is gorgeous and you are less likely to get eaten alive by mosquitoes!

10. Wear scarves and boots

This is my favorite time of year to get dressed, as scarves and boots make every outfit look effortlessly chic while still being extremely cozy.

11. Eat apple cider donuts

Yummy! Apple cider donuts are the perfect combo of sweet and spice, making the best fall treat.

12. Curl up in front of a fire

Curling up in front of the fire is one of the best ways to spend a fall evening.

13. Make pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is one of my most favorite desserts and taking the time to make your own is so gratifying and absolutely delicious.

14. Go on a hayride

Wolfe’s Neck Farm offers pumpkin hayrides during the month of October and I had so much fun going on one this fall!

15. Football Sunday potluck

Sundays in our household are dedicated completely to football. While I enjoy watching the game, it is the yummy food that really makes football Sunday so fun!

16. Get cozy on the couch and read

In the summer, I often feel guilty curling up on the couch with a good read because it is just so beautiful outside. But in the fall, I am all for it!

17. Go for a walk on a crisp, frosty morning

I love the crunching sound of the leaves underneath your feet and the crisp morning air really makes for a wonderful start to the day.

18. Make crockpot chili

Crockpot meals are my go-to for long days and chili is such a hearty, delicious and nutritious fall meal.

What remains on your fall bucket list?

Feel free to join in on the fun and post to Instagram or Twitter using #fallbucketlist. I will be sharing photos along the way and at the end of the fall season I will share a post with all of my favorite fall photos.